December is here and with that comes the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. Before you know it kids will be on break from school and you’ll be looking for activities to help pass the time.

Having a list of well-balanced and organized activities can help everyone get some exercise and stay active throughout the Holiday season. Staying active can range from something as easy as going for a walk, to enrolling in a weekly class. Here are a few categories & ideas to help you start your own list of fun and engaging activities for the entire family.

Structured activities

Check local community centers or newspaper postings for winter classes or teams your child could join. Look for something they haven’t done previously, that could open a possibility for a new year-round hobby.

Sports facilities and indoor play areas

Indoor play areas are a great way to burn off some energy, especially if you live in an area where the weather isn’t always favorable to be outside. Sports facilities and your local YMCA are also a great resource to use for a day of swimming, rock climbing, ice-skating or bowling fun.

Outdoor fun

No matter the weather, there is always an opportunity to get outside. Bundle up if necessary and enjoy the fresh air. Visiting a local playground can provide hours of endless play for your child. If the weather is getting you down, join in on the season and try sled riding or some quality family time building a snowman or snow fort.

Regardless of the activities you choose, it’s important to keep it fun. As with most things, if you as the parent seem engaged, your child will be most likely to follow. Enjoy the time together and use this time to insert something new into your families’ typical routines. Creating new experiences as a family can open endless doors for your children long into the future.