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235 Hope St., Providence, RI 02912


The Ivy Leagues finest tennis camp!


The Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp at Brown University returns to Providence, RI after a successful 2013 summer. Taking place on Brown University’s historic campus, Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps offers a camp that is the epitome of the “College Experience.” Directed by Brown’s Head Women’s tennis coach, Paul Wardlaw, The Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp at Brown University is offering two types of camps this summer.

The Traditional camp ( Sessions I ) is designed for boys and girls ages 12-18 of all skill levels. This camp will offer a comprehensive training program focusing on how to play, stroke production, and swing technique for all levels. The goal of the camp is to continue a player’s development while immersing campers in a competitive, challenging and fun tennis environment.

The Wardlaw Elite camps ( Wardlaw Elite I & II ) are designed for top junior girls. The goal of the camp is to continue your development as a player while immersing you in a competitive college tennis environment. While technique will be evaluated and addressed, the aim of the camp is to focus on how to play.

More information about the different programs can be found on the TYPES OF PROGRAMS tab below.

Instruction takes place on Brown’s eight-court Varsity Tennis Complex and Brown’s four-court indoor facility housed in the Pizzitola Athletic Center. All twelve courts are US Open-style and tennis instruction is guaranteed rain or shine.


  • 5.5-6 hours of tennis daily
  • Comprehensive instructional program with daily teaching progressions
  • Small instructional groups to ensure individual attention.
  • Social and Recreational activities daily

Camp Information

Overnight Camp with Commuter Option: TBA

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Director: Paul Wardlaw
Head Women’s Tennis Coach – BROWN UNIVERSITY

Brown University head women’s tennis coach, Paul Wardlaw, is one of the most successful tennis coaches in college tennis. Now in his eighth year at Brown and twenty-seventh as a head coach, Coach Wardlaw has won at every level of collegiate tennis. Wardlaw’s Brown teams are annually nationally ranked and vie for NCAA post-season berths and Ivy titles. Wardlaw was named the 2009 Wilson ITA Eastern Region Coach of the Year. Prior to arriving in Providence, Wardlaw was the head women’s tennis coach at the University of Iowa in the Big Ten. His teams reached the Round of 16 of the NCAA National Team Championships in 1999 and the Round of 64 three other seasons. Before Iowa, coach Wardlaw won three NCAA Division III National Team Championships at Kenyon College in eight years. In 2000 Wardlaw was named Wilson/ITA Division III Coach of the Decade and the 1993 Wilson/ITA Division III Coach of the Year. Wardlaw is also author of Pressure Tennis, his games approach practice system and The Wardlaw Directionals, a tactical system used at all levels of play from the professional to high school.

STAFF: The coaching staff of the Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp at Brown University is one of the strongest and most well respected in the Northeast. Consisting of top collegiate coaches and players, the staff is handpicked for their ability to teach and relate to young players in a friendly, thorough and responsible manner.

AIRPORT INFORMATION: If you are interested in flying into the camp at Brown University, the closest airports are:

    • Boston Logan Airport – 50 miles from campus
    • T. F. Green Airport (Providence) – 10 miles from campus

More info

To arrange for pickup from the airport, please contact the Premier Sports Camp office via email PRIOR TO REGISTRATION.

WHAT TO BRING: Our residential camps are very busy days, filled with social and recreational activities, in addition to 5.5 to 6 hours of tennis each day. Campers should pack all the items that they desire to be able to enjoy these packed days. Each evening will feature a social activity such as bowling, movie night, talent show, casino night etc. so please pack accordingly. Finally, there is swimming every afternoon (dependent on pool availability), so pack a bathing suit if you desire to swim (swimming is optional).

  • Tennis Racket(s)
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Tennis Clothes
  • Casual Clothes
  • Bath Towel, Shower Towel
  • Swim Suit
  • Sun Screen
  • Bedding for Single sized bed
  • Toiletries
  • Fan (s)
  • Pillows
  • Snack Food
  • Spending Money (no $ are needed but sometimes kids like to order pizza, t-shirts, vending etc.)

TRADITIONAL CAMPS: Our traditional tennis camps (non match-play or college prep) are designed to focus on the fundamentals and swing techniques of the modern tennis strokes. Some of the areas of focus for each level include:

• Beginners: The beginning level player will be introduced to the basics of the game. Emphasis will be placed on stroke production and the technical aspects of the swing in an effort to teach these young players sound fundamentals from the ground up.

• Intermediate: Intermediate level players will also focus on fundamental stroke production (to ensure proper technique), but will also be in put into game play situations to introduce these players to the competitive side of the game.

• Advanced: The more advanced players will work with stroke production in a competitive environment, but will also be introduced to the basic strategies of the game.

• High School / Tournament: Varsity high school and tournament players will focus on the strategic and competitive aspects of the game. Although there will be attention spent on the stroke fundamentals, more emphasis will be placed on point progression, court positioning, patterns and sequences, percentage plays and live ball drill work.

WARDLAW ELITE CAMPS: The Elite Tennis Camp offers a high intensity three day program designed for top junior girls. The goal of the camp is to continue your development as a player while immersing you in a competitive college tennis environment. While technique will be evaluated and addressed, the aim of the camp is to focus on how to play. All technique and drill work takes place in a tactical framework. Players will be exposed to all aspects of tennis training including the following topics:

  • Movement training
  • Court Position
  • Directionals
  • Point Building
  • Doubles
  • Mental Toughness

We’ll also discuss college tennis and the recruiting process.

ELITE PROGRAM:   Tentative Elite Camp Schedule of Events Day One 1:00 pm Fire drill. Make sure to be in your rooms. Bring your tennis gear (including water container) with you during the drill. We’ll assemble in front of Andrews. 1:10 pm Full camp meeting in Pizzitola Athletic Center; staff introduction; camp goals and rules. TACTICS I – CHANGING DIRECTION 1:20 pm Warm-up – Ball skills and Speed City on indoor courts 1:35 pm Directional Demo 1:50 pm On-court warm-up

•Directional mini tennis • Structured warm-up with serves 2:45 pm Point play with serves [Pre-directionals]

•Singles, teams of two – move up, move down, split

 3:15 pm Directionals

•Outside Groundstrokes w/ recovery 4 on ct. 4 mins/side •Inside Groundstrokes (2v1) 1.5 rotations •Directional rallies (2v1) OS/OS/IS, OS/OS/90˚ COD •Directional points (receive the feed, play directionally) 4:15 pm Tiebreaker tournament – 12 point tiebreakers

6 per bank outside 16 person tournament inside 4:45 pm Stretching and cool down 5:15 pm Dinner 6:15 pm Team tournament – mini-set match play 7:45pm Stretching & cool down; College vs. Junior tennis 8:30 pm Thayer Street Adventure  Day Two TACTICS II – COURT POSITION (SHORT, MID, AND DEEP) 7:30 am Breakfast (V-Dub) 8:00 am Depart for courts. 8:20 am Speed City on outdoor courts

 Varying Spin – Slice & Termination

8:40 am Slice mini-tennis (Gustavus skills)


 8:50 am Gustavus Game tournament

Max of 3 points, 2.5 minutes per game

 9:10 am Point Building Rallies, Push Opponent Back

Get ball out of strike zone Deuce→Deuce Ad→Ad 9:40 am Deep court slice points (three 4-minute games) 9:55 am Termination Number Explanation and Emerson Court Rallies

4 minute rallies 1. 3→3 2. 2→2 3. 1→1 4.1→2 5. Random (1,2,slice) Can’t hit more than two in a row 10:15 am 1,2,slice points. Three 4-minute games. Emerson court. 10:30 am Offense/Defense game. Emerson court.

Defense can only play heavy or slice. Get balls out of strike zone. If you feed you’re on offense. Alternate every 2 feeds. Three 5-minute games. 11:15 am Olympic Singles Points – Ball out of Strike Zone

Feed in Points, No Winners off Feed Teams must win 7 points, come up with Team Name 12:00 pm Lunch (V-Dub) 1:00 pm Campus Tour 2:00 pm Depart for courts 2:10 pm Ten-minute warm-up


2:20 pm Second serve returns

•2nd serve body BH warmup – D/A – 2 min. each •2nd serve pounce returns – CC returns D/A 2 min rotation

•2nd serve points – 1v1 teams of 2 5 min. games

move up, move down, split

 3:00 pm First serve returns

•Serve + weapon – Mindset is to strike first! •2v1 first serve 2 point rotations 3 min D/A two servers, one returner •2v1 1st strike game – 3 serves per point one server, two returners 4:00 pm Doubles and Singles Team Play 5:30 pm Stretching and cool down 5:45 pm Dinner (V-Dub) 6:30 pm Panel discussion on the College Recruiting Process in Pizzitola Athletic Center 8:00 pm Snack run and shopping on Thayer Street Day Three 7:30 am Breakfast (V-Dub) 8:00 am Volleys video session: McEnroe and Stefanki 8:25 am Depart for courts 8:30 am Speed City and 10 minute warm-up

 Volley Like a Pro

8:50 am Volley demonstration, video review and volley warm-up 9:10 am 1 Player Closing Volleys (Two 4 minute games each) 9:20 am 2 Player Closing Volleys 9:30 am 1 Team Closing Volleys 9:40 am 2 Team Closing Volleys 9:50 am Serve and Volley Tournament

4 on court, 2 rounds of Deuce, 2 rounds of Ad

10:20 am Cheap Feeds Explanation and Demonstration 10:30 am Cheap Feeds Tournament (move up, move down, split) 11:00 am Team tournament – singles and doubles 12:30 pm Depart for dorm and check-out